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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these products truly the often imitated but never out done original Tubtrugs®?

Yes!  If the saying imitation is the sincerest form of flattery is true, then we have no one to flatter but ourselves.  We pretty much invented the two-handled flexible tub market years ago and have been at the front of the game ever since.  You may find similar products on the market, but remember, the pinch of a dollar well spent fades quicker than the memory of a dollar spent poorly.  Buy the best - buy a Tubtrug®!

Can Tubtrugs®  be recycled?

Yes, in the unfortunate event that your Tubtrug® is damaged or destroyed, it can be recycled.

Why are the Recycled Range of Tubtrugs® not food grade certified?

Unlike our standard range of Tubtrugs®s, the raw materials used to manufacture our recycled range of products come from a variety of sources and are not subject to the same testing protocols that our food grade products are.

Can I use cleaning products in my Tubtrug®?

Yes, most common household cleaners or detergents will not damage your Tubtrug®.

Eureka!  I have come up with a completely new and unique use for my Tubtrug® - who should I call?

Why call us of course!  Just when we think we have heard it all we get a call or e-mail from a loyal patron with a new application for the world's most useful tub.  If you think you have struck onto something unique, give us a shout.  We may very well feature your application on our site for the world to see.

Do you ship to Canada?

Unfortunately at this time we do not.  We ship all orders UPS and the costs to ship into Canada are prohibitive as we are forced to pay duty and custom handling charges.  We are exploring alternative shipping methods to Canada and may update our policy in the future if the costs become acceptable.